Dr. C. David Fischer, Jr.

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PICK database software manufactured by Dr. Fischer during the past 15 years has: Increased size of operations and profits during the past seven years with no increase in management staff at Weiss Guys; Allowed increased transaction volumes with no increase in staff at American Express; Eliminated clerical errors on government regulated paperwork at Rinchem; Improved tracking reliability and decreased time-in-facility at Allied Signal's Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul operation; Improved responsiveness to the customers of The Harlan Company; Substantially increased Franchisee financial obligation compliance at Alphagraphics, Inc.


1994 - Current, President, Data Images, Inc.
1995 The Harlan Company Purchase Suggestion Module
Consulting: AlphaGraphics, Inc.
The Harlan Company
Heflin Steel Supply Company
McCarthy Cabinet Company
Personnel Resources Company
The Rinchem Company
RTW, Incorporated
Tarr, Incorporated
Weiss Guys Car Wash
1991 - 1994, Director MIS, Alphagraphics, Inc
1993 Franchisee Compliance Tracking
1992 Royalty Service Bank - Credit and Usage Tracking System
1983 - 1991, President, Data Images, Inc.
1990 The Harlan Company
1990 RTW, Incorporated
1987 The Rinchem Company
1987 Weiss Guys Car Wash
1986 Data Images, Inc.
1986 Weiss Guys Car Wash
1985 Data Images, Inc
1985 Data Images, Inc.
1984 Racom, Inc.
1984 Data Images, Inc.
1984 A-1 Manufacturing
1983 The Rinchem Company
1979 - 1983, Programmer, Senior Analyst, CIS, Inc.
1983 American Express
1983 Heflin Steel Company
1982 Heflin-Harrington
1982 Roosevelt Water Conservation Distr.
1981 Del E Webb, Recreational Properties
1980 Allied Signal Garrett Turbine Engine Company
1979 The Rinchem Company
1974 - 1979, Technical Director, The Rinchem Company, Inc.
1975 Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control and Billing
1974 Payroll
1966 - 1969, Peace Corps Volunteer, Sierra Leone, West Africa


1974 - Ph. D., Physical Organic Chemistry, The Ohio State University, Columbus
1966 - B. A., Chemistry, The University of California, Berkeley

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